Digital Marketer’s Kit


Digital Marketer’s Kit




The Digital Marketer’s Kit is a walkthrough of how I create digital marketing campaigns on Facebook for my businesses and my clients.

It’s a repeatable process I do that tackles:

  • How I Set Ad Budget Depending on Product Price and Profit Margin
  • ROAS Calculator: You Don’t Always Need A High ROAS to Profit
  • The Whole Picture of an End-to-End Sales Funnel and How I Set It Up
  • 7 Deadly Sins of FB Ads to Help Me Avoid Rejected Ads Or Get Banned (this is the reason why I RARELY get rejected ads)
  • My Decision-Making Process on Running Ads

This ADDITION to the course will be available on August 21 for only Php 299 (price will increase to Php 495 upon launch).


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