Do you want to create a 7-figure online business teaching what you love doing?

Here's How You Can Create an Info Product Business in 14 Days or Less Without Breaking the Bank!

Discover the proven process that allowed me to get 23,000 students in less than 9 months with only Php 1,000 as capital!

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About Me

I’m Coach Pao and I’m the CEO and Founder of Course Belt. Course Belt is an e-learning platform that equips Filipinos new skills through online courses.

With only Php 1,000 as starting capital, I grew it to over Php 5M+ in revenue and over 23,000 students in less than 9 months.

Today, I help coaches, instructors, and info product entrepreneurs grow their businesses and hit their first 7 figures without leaving their homes.

Launch Pad: A Story-Filled Guide to Starting An Info Product Business in 14 Days

This is NOT JUST any ordinary eBook!
This is a 14-Day Program filled with stories of how I started my 7-figure info product business and actionable steps to start your own, too!

Here’s what you’ll get from this ebook: 

Item #1:

14-Day Program (worth Php 10,000)

This ebook gives you day-to-day activities you can follow to start your own info product business.

Item #2:

Startup Story (priceless)

Experience is the best teacher. That’s why, for the first time, I’m revealing my journey on how I built a 7-figure info product business with only Php 1,000.

Item #3:

Illustrative Examples

No more guessworks. Every activity for the day gives you examples to copy so you won’t get stuck in the process.

Bonus #1:

Templates and Frameworks (worth Php 5,000)

Use my frameworks like P.I.G. (Profitable Idea Generator), C.C.G. (Content Creation Guide), fast-track cheatsheets, and many, many more…

Bonus #2:

Toolkit (worth Php 1,999)

List of my favorite tools and why I use them so you don’t have to test random tools which don’t work and save time.

Total Value:


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  • Introduction
  • Day 1 of the 14-Day Program
  • Templates & Frameworks (worth Php 5,000)
  • Toolkit (worth Php 1,999)

Full eBook

  • Full Launch Pad eBook
  • 14-Day Program (worth Php 10,000)
  • Templates & Frameworks (worth Php 5,000)
  • Toolkit (worth Php 1,999)

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